Looking for the best breast augmentation New Jersey has tooffer. Since the first cosmetic breast augmentation in 1962, cosmetic surgery has spiked in popularity and improved by quality and safety standards. From the 60’s through the 80’s there was a peculiar social stigma cast over the procedure. Today, over 200,000 American women receive breast implants every year for aesthetic purposes. Nearly 100,000 more women get implants for reconstructive purposes or post-mastectomy restoral.

The bottom line: today’s plastic surgeons perform long lasting, natural-feeling and safe breast augmentation. Las Vegas has a vast number of clinics to choose from. It’s important you chose a qualified, board-certified professional to give you the look and feel you deserve. New Jersey breast augmentation is a competitive market with many new doctors entering the field. Many women find it comforting to choose an experienced surgeon who has performed the procedure over 100 times. Experienced and precise doctors with steady hands often create implants with less chance of extraneous scarring, stretch marks, uneven size and other complications.

Breast augmentation in New Jersey is about as taboo these days as hair extensions and clip-on nails. Simply put, the technology, popularity and public familiarity have come a long way since its inception over 40 years ago. Health concerns from the 80’s have all but vanished when silicone implants moved into their fourth and fifth generation of design. Saline implants have also improved as a safe alternative, especially when leakage occurs.

When deciding on breast augmentation, Las Vegas residents have a few key factors to weigh. Where to get the procedure done is a big question, given the high volume of surgeons and clinics in the Las Vegas area. Make an informed choice by asking to see a portfolio of the surgeon’s previous work and talking to recipients of the procedure from that clinic.

When performed as a cosmetic surgery, augmentation can tremendously boost your self-confidence. The benefits are clear but there are few concerns. Chief among these are appearance, feeling, safety and Prospective women often enter clinics with a list of health concerns. The silicone implants of the 20th century were subject to potential leak and migration of gel throughout bodily tissue. The fifth generation silicone implants have virtually phased out leakage and migration. Silicone implants are only available to women over 22 in the US when the procedure is cosmetic.

Saline implants have evolved as well. They are more popular in the younger crowd because of a legal stipulation that prohibits silicone in women under 22 throughout the US. Overall, they are second in popularity to silicone implants in large part because many women claimed that silicone gel had a more natural-feel. The saline technique improved dramatically when surgeons began overfilling the implants and placing them under the pectoral muscles.

The choice between saline and silicone for breast implantations in New Jersey is chiefly about age and health concerns. With regards to leakage and migration, saline is safer. Silicone, on the other hand, has a preferred, natural feeling. In either case, make sure to shop around for a qualified, time-tested surgeon. Check for references, board certification and professional, courteous service when interacting with clinic staff.


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