3D Imaging Breast Augmentation New YorkMajority of breast augmentation patients would say that they are most apprehensive about undergoing this procedure because of the unknown results. There have been many cases where the expectations of the patient did not meet the results of the breast augmentation procedure. Patients in the past would find the size is too small or shape is too round. However, with the advancement of medical technology, plastic surgeons are now able to create 3D imaging that shows precise and realistic models of post-op expectations.

Having the option to see your breast augmentation results before the procedure is a great advantage for patients and plastic surgeons. Many breast augmentation surgeons in New York have mentioned that it has revolutionized the consultation experience because not only can patients and doctors preview the results together, but the 3D technology allows them to precisely measure the volume and analyze the dimensions of the results. Patients also have the added benefit of visually seeing the difference between silicone, saline, round or anatomical implants and which look best for their body proportions. The process of generating the 3D simulation is quite simple. The surgeon will take several required measurements and 3 digital photographs to create a accurate 3 dimensional image that can be rotated to view at virtually any angle.

Even if the patient and the breast augmentation surgeon think they understand each other, mistakes and miscommunications can happen. However, with the help of this 3D imaging technology, these misunderstandings can be eliminated. To find out more about 3D imaging for breast augmentation, contact a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.