Reconstruction surgery for breasts is among one of the most innovative cosmetic surgery procedures because it drastically improves the lives of millions of women and especially women who have become or are a victim of breast cancer. Women needing physical restoration of one or both breasts due to mastectomy, lumpectomy, or traumatic injury can turn to breast reconstruction surgery to restore their body.  Locating a breast augmentation plastic surgeon who serves local residents is essential to properly restoring breasts as close as possible to their former size and shape.   Nonetheless, women must be aware that surgical outcomes typically vary from one woman to another.  There are also many issues that have huge impacts on the final outcome of breast augmentation.  You must therefore set realistic goals with respect to your overall body image.  Breast surgery entails several processes that all occur at different stages.  The most important thing that women must realize is that there are options available to restore their bodies and allow them to feel good about themselves again.

It must be understood that reconstructed breast tissue does not have the same nerve sensations as that of an organic breast.  Also, incisions due to breast reconstruction surgery or mastectomy will be visible to a greater or lesser degree.  In cases where only one of the breasts is affected, doctors give their best effort to reconstruct with symmetrical dimensions.  This may cause the organic breast to be augmented, reduced, or lifted in order to improve both breasts’ general appearance.

Women who know about the stress and fear of breast cancer and the emotional distress that occurs with a mastectomy should be aware that a procedure is available to correct their new physical image.  Nonetheless, adjustments must also be made with this surgery.  It is therefore essential to be sure that surgery is undertaken for the right reasons, such as feeling good about oneself and being happy again.

The Best Candidates for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

New medical techniques and devices have made breast reconstruction surgery almost undistinguishable from natural organic breasts as they mimic the form and appearance. Bear in mind that post-mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery is not a simple procedure and you must take into caution the different options available to you. Luna Plastic Surgery, located in Atlanta, has an informative guideline on the best candidates for not only women needing breast reconstruction surgery in Atlanta but also for every woman needing to know the facts this life changing procedures. All mastectomy patients are medically appropriate for breast reconstruction surgery, many choosing immediate breast reconstruction surgery. The best candidates, however, are women whose cancer has seemingly been eliminated by mastectomy. Although this is an obvious goal, there are legitimate reasons to wait. Some women are not prepared to juggle a diagnosis of cancer, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction surgery all at one time. Some patients also don’t want to have any more surgery than is absolutely necessary, it all depends on the patient and their needs as they are the most important. Surgeons may also advise women with other health conditions such as obesity, smoking, or high blood pressure to wait until they are certain they can perform the procedures without any reserves.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Selecting the right plastic surgeon that offers the highest-quality care is of the highest importance for all patients.  Thus, the more research and investigation you do along with the more questions you ask will ensure you find the best and most skilled plastic surgeon for you.   Board certified plastic surgeons are specifically trained in breast tissue reconstruction and must possess all credentials necessary to demonstrate their medical competency in this field.  They have undergone specialized training for at least five years, two of which must be in plastic surgery.  So your first step is to seek surgeons who are American Society of Plastic Surgery (“ASPS”) certified .

Deciding to undergo reconstruction breast surgery is a choice that patients should make along with their plastic surgeons.  Patients have the option of choosing between immediate or delayed procedures and whether to use implants or the patient’s own tissue.  A number of factors must also be taken into account before making these decisions.  The surgeon will describe them all after a full assessment of the patient’s medical history.

Immediate Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Immediate reconstructive surgery allows the patient to awaken from a mastectomy with a lower-profile physical deformity.  This is good for many reasons, particularly for psychological causes though this may not always be possible as further treatments are needed before reconstructive breast surgery is even a viable option.  Other patients like to delay surgery in order to do more research into the best type of reconstruction for them.

The Bottom Line?

Be an investigative reporter and do meticulous research on a plastic surgeon that is board certified, answers all of your questions, and most importantly is a surgeon you can trust with your life. Plastic surgeons are there to help you and only you improve your well-being. Take this important step, find a surgeon you trust, and you will be on the road to a better you.

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