lunchtime liquid facelift in beverly hills

In our fast paced world we are all looking for a quick solution to everything, especially when it comes to anti-aging solutions. Now you may have heard people say, “all good things take time”, which is true in most cases, however, there is a way to get a facelift during your lunch break with Injectable treatments. These non-surgical, anti aging treatments have clearly made their mark in the cosmetic industry, totaling 8.5 million treatments, which comes to 89% of all cosmetic procedures conducted last year.

Injectables, also referred to as dermal fillers and muscle relaxers, like BOTOX have earned the title “lunchtime facelift” because treatments can be done in about 15 to 30 minutes. Imagine that, erasing years off your face in the middle of the work day and going back to the office with a fresh new youthful appearance. With no downtime required, getting fuller lips just before a social event or eliminating those lines on your forehead and around your mouth before a big presentation is safer and faster than ever.

Injectable treatments can also:

  • Subtly lift drooping facial features like the brows and jowls
  • Improve eye bags, dark under eye circles and sunkenness under the eyes
  • Lift drooping corners of the mouth
  • Resolve bumps on the nose
  • Restore volume in cheeks and other sunken areas

Many people have reservations with getting injectable treatments due to negative results, however, 95% of people who have had liquid facelifts done say it’s worth it. In addition to that, there are dermal filler treatments available that are safely reversible if you do not like your results. The experienced CRNs from Beverly Hills agree that when you work with an experienced aesthetician that focuses on providing a natural look you will achieve the results you desire.

The Facelift procedure or Rhytidectomy was the the 5th  most popular procedure in 2012.  A facelift will eliminate wrinkles, remove sagging skim, lift sunken eyes, restore the neck and chin, as well as redefine the jaw line.

Check out the informative infographic provided by plastic surgeons in Atlanta to learn more.


facelift procedures in Atlanta


If you are considering a facelift San Jose is the perfect place to go in order to get what you need. You will first need to thoroughly think through your options and needs. Having a facelift San Jose is an important procedure and you will want to make sure that you know what to expect.

If you are bothered by aging signs on your face, facelift San Jose procedures might be right for you. A facelift is technically referred to as rhytidectomy and it can visibly improve the signs of aging that show on your face and neck. If you decide to get a facelift San Jose, you can expect to see improvement in the following ways:

  • Your midface will no longer sag
  • The deep creases below your eyelids will improve
  • The deep creases beside your nose and mouth will look better
  • Your face will look more muscular and lose its jowls
  • The fat on your face that may have fallen or become displaced will improve in appearance and location
  • The loose skin that drags around your chin creating a double chin effect, even if you are of a normal weight, will disappear.

If you do not feel as if you need all of those improvements made to your face, you could consider procedures that are less invasive such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery. If you can relate to all of the issues above, a facelift San Jose is the best option.

Facelifts cannot fix everything, however. Having a facelift cannot stop the aging process and it cannot change the fundamental way that you appear. In order to determine whether or not a facelift San Jose is for you, you will need to think through your options.

First, ask yourself if you are physically healthy. If the answer is yes, you might be a good candidate. You should also be a non-smoker and have realistic goals in mind for the overall improvement of your appearance. Facelift surgery is a individualized process that you should do only for yourself and not for anyone else. If you want to have a facelift simply to please someone else, you should reconsider.

Cost is always another huge consideration when thinking through an elective procedure. Facelift prices vary quite a bit depending on a number of different factors. When you see the bottom line price, keep in mind that the price includes the surgeon’s fees, prescriptions for medications, anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery consultation fees, and any medical testing fees that are needed. Most surgeons will offer some kind of financing plan so all of the money will not likely be due up front.

Before agreeing to the surgery, you will want to make sure you find a surgeon with which you are comfortable. Ask the surgeon what their background is and how they were trained. Make sure the surgeon agrees that you are a good candidate for the surgery and ask about the surgical technique that will be used. Facelift San Jose surgery is a big deal and you want to be certain about every aspect.